Pre-Kindergarten / PALS

PALS is an EIPS program that supports children with assessed severe developmental delays from 3 to 5 years of age and children with assessed mild or moderate delays from 4 to 5 years of age. Typically there are between 8 and 10 children in our classes.

The PALS program is founded on three principles:

Play-Based Learning
Literacy-Rich Environments
Emergent Curriculum

Students attend two full days per week on Tuesday and Thursday taught by an early education teacher and an educational assistant. Students also have access to consultants for specialized services including a Speech and Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist and Physical Therapist. For more information about the availability of this programming, please contact Student Support Services at Elk Island Public Schools.


You can register your child in Kindergarten for the 2020/21 school year if he/she will be five years old on or before December 31st, 2020. Kindergarten will use Schedule A for the 2020 / 2021 school year. The calendar will be available in January, 2020.

To help families prepare, Elk Island Public Schools has put together an online toolkit to make the transition as smooth as possible. The kit includes information on registration, important dates, programming options, what to expect, eligibility, how to find your designated school, transportation and more.

20 21 ECS Calendar

2019-20 Kindergarten Calendar

Grades 1-6

Mundare School offers single-grade classrooms with an average class size of 17 students.  Along with the core subjects, (math, language arts, social studies and science), all students take the following complementary courses: physical education, health, music and art. Computer literacy skills are also integrated in most subject areas. Students in Grades 4-6 take French as a second language. Children in grade 3 learn to play the recorder while grade 4s learn the hand chimes.  All students from grades 1-6 take part in an enhanced physical education program.  During the winter months students participate in curling, skating, swimming lessons, snowshoeing, and downhill and cross-country skiing. 

 Grades 7-8

The Grade 7/8 program was reintroduced to Mundare School in the 2008-2009 school year.  Students are able to choose from the following options: outdoor education, drama, industrial arts, home economics, and art.  Students benefit from the small-school setting in many ways.

Christian Ethics/Character Education

Students in Grade 1 to Gr. 8 are offered the option of enrolling in a Christian Ethics or a Character Education program.  Through the Christian Ethics program, students are encouraged to demonstrate Christian virtues in their everyday life.  Specific lessons promote and develop spiritual growth in the Christian faith through biblical teachings and activities.

Developing good character and productive citizens is something that we incorporate into every school day.  Character Education focuses on specific character traits to create a community in which positive attitudes and behaviours are valued and demonstrated.  Through specific teachings and integration with other subjects, students learn about the different character traits and how to exhibit good character in every day life.  Students are often involved in community activities to promote the character traits.  Volunteering, singing at various community settings and the town clean up are just a few ways our students show their character!