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Throughout Semester 2, Mundare School is one of six EIPS schools that will pilot ChatterHigh in our junior high Health classes. ChatterHigh is an online platform designed to help schools engage with families about ways to support their child in preparing for life after senior high—specifically as it relates to career planning and life-skills preparation.

ChatterHigh comes with activities for college and career exploration, well-being, social and emotional learning, and other regionally specific supplemental curriculum. The gamified and unique ‘seek-and-find’ activity expands awareness, fosters hope and helps prepare students for life after high school. Learners can access question content from anywhere and research the answer using reputable resources. A daily career exploration quiz guides students through college and university websites to build their knowledge of the possibilities, capture their interests and spark a conversation. The daily quiz takes approximately 10 minutes, serving students with a new question set every day and becoming more personalized over time.

Students will complete the daily quiz at school on all days they have a class. However, because this is a digital platform, students can also complete the daily quiz on their own time on any other days of the week. As students complete more quizzes over time, they develop a personalized interest profile and discover new and exciting career options they may never have heard of. Students can use the information to research education and career pathways and possibilities to support career-development course work and decisions after high school. The daily quiz creates a learning environment, exposing students to all ‘families of majors’ and helping them explore particular areas of interest. Designed to complement other career-development tools, the daily quiz prompts learners to rate their interest as they answer questions, and the ChatterHigh algorithm adapts to provide further exploration. An interest profile provides an excellent starting point for portfolio building and further targeted exploration.

In June, the Division will review the success of the pilot and determine how to potentially expand to more schools next year.

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