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Mundare School

  • Box 319
  • Mundare, AB T0B 3H0
  • Phone: 780-764-3962
  • Fax: 780-764-3785

Mundare School

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Everything we do is about helping people achieve all that they can be. It’s about believing in dreams and building the hope needed to achieve them.

We engage, motivate and inspire by focusing on individual strengths, interests, real world activities, and building partnerships with our families. 

We teach kids what they need to have successful futures. Mundare School serving our community for over 60 years. Come see and feel the difference.

We are a Kindergarten to Grade Eight School

A Message From the Principal

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Mundare is a vibrant and growing school and community.   Enrollment has increased dramatically over the past couple of years as new people move into the area and discover the great school that awaits their children. Currently, the school is small enough-with a student population of approximately 200, from ECS to Gr. 8.  This offers an enviable educational environment.  Our Gr.7 and 8 programs started in 2008 are now in full swing. Students enjoy a quality of school life that is but a dream in many places today:

  • small class sizes
  • special needs classes for children
  • unlimited access to the library, computer lab and mobile computer cart 
  • individualized attention from both teachers and educational assistants
  • personal atmosphere-everyone knows everyone, no one is lost in the crowd

Both the physical and the educational horizons are broad at Mundare School. Situated 45 minutes east of Edmonton on the edge of the town of Mundare. Certainly, we can see for a long way over the prairie landscape, but students also discover that their learning horizons can be even broader than the longest view. In the past school year alone, students have:

  • competed in track and field competitions
  • participated in a music festival
  • presented a Christmas Concert that is a highlight of the year in Mundare
  • enjoyed the Alberta Opera and various theatrical performances
  • learned band or hand chimes (in grades 4 to 8)
  • skied (cross-country and downhill), snow-shoed, skated, swimming lessons, and golfed
  • enjoyed field trips to the Ukrainian Cultual Village, Space and Science Center, Fort Edmonton Park
  • Gr. 7 & 8 outdoor education excursions
  • like all schools in Alberta, we develop a special focus each year in our School Education Plan.

Our students educational exeriences are varied in the Arts, Sciences and Humanities and whose basic skills are firmly established in Language Arts and Mathematics! At Mundare School, students begin their careers as lifelong learners.

 MundareSchool "A School of Dignity & Respect"


 Box 319

 5201 Sawchuk Street

Mundare, AB

T0B 3H0


Phone: 780-764-3962

Fax: 780-764-3785

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